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Presidential Scholarship

  The great commission that is being regarded as the greatest call from Jesus Christ to His followers to embark on intensive evangelism campaign to rescue people from the power of sin into God’s kingdom has suffered several setbacks due to several reasons and one of these reasons is money. Many individuals have transformed the gospel into a means of personal profit. Consequently, any endeavor towards extensive evangelism that requires huge cost without any return is deemed unworthy. But Jesus Christ clearly said, “For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me and for the gospel will save it.” Mark 8:35. Because of the huge financial implications and stress involve in making disciples, many bible colleges that think can’t survive without collecting outrageous fee from intending students making  it for a poor believer living a village to pay. But should our desire to make gain and eat be a hindrance to such a believer whose only comfort and hope is in Jesus Christ? Should we destroy the work of God because of food on our tables?

Kent and Ruth Hodge, in an effort to answer the above questions, gave birth to Christian Faith Institute (CFI). In 2006, Kent and Ruth Hodge who had served in Africa zealously for about 35 years, have now left All Nations Bible Institute in Benin, Edo state, for Jos for this project (CFI). Without a single support or sponsors, Kent and Ruth Hodge and his team established this Bible college with hope and faith in Jesus Christ, who has called his followers to go into the world and make disciples of all nations.

Since 2007, even at the initial stage when there was virtually no support and money, some special scholarships were given to some students who came from a different part of Nigeria including the neighboring nations to learn about God and His saving grace through our Lord Jesus Christ.
Until today, the vision remains unchanged and thus scholarship continues as demand for it becomes more imperative now that hardship is witnessed in various forms across the globe.

As it is, many of the students who apply come from either Boko Haram afflicted communities or herders-farmers conflict zones and have little or nothing left on them to continue with life. CFI becomes a home where they rebuild their lives and hope to continue with the dreams they had.

This is indeed a huge cost, as the total number of students benefiting from this scholarship scheme runs into hundreds. The cost of feeding per week is about 5 million naira plus.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Is the presidential scholarship automatic?

Presidential scholarship is not automatic, you need to apply.

Does this scholarship covers every student?

Ideally, presidential scholarship does not exempt anyone, but limited to boarding students for now. And only those applying for diploma and degree full-time programme are eligible for it.

How do I apply for this scholarship?

Once you have made up your mind to study in CFI, and you know you can’t afford the tuition fee, you need to write an application letter stating your challenges. Thereafter, the school management will invite you for verification of your claim. If they are satisfied, then your scholarship will be approved.

Is there scholarship for Masters or PHD students?

For now, scholarhip is limited to undergraduate course. But our tuition fee for all post graduate programmes are comparatively cheap. We hope that it will help you obtain a post graduate certificate with CFI.

How long does this scholarship last?

This depends on the school management. 

Can I terminate my scholarship if I have money to pay?

Yes, of course. Scholarship are offered to those in genuine need of help. But if you can pay your tuition fee, that will be great! Money is needed to run this institution.

As a day student, am I eligible for scholarship?

Scholarship is currently offered to boarding students. if a student decide to stay off campus, we believe that the student is capable of handling financial burden.


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