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Christian Faith Institute was founded in January 2007 in Jos, Plateau State. Since that time CFI has trained and sent hundreds of pastors from the grassroots into Sub-Saharan Africa to plant churches and share the gospel. Being rooted in our local community CFI has also made a priority of caring for the poor, the needy, the widow, the orphan and those who would be considered our enemy.

CFI recognises the need for existing pastors/missionaries to further their understanding of the scriptures. CFI online has been set up for this purpose.


CFI was established to propagate the knowledge of the word of God. The scope of our mission is to all people, without prejudice to their condition. We also serve the local church by training, to strengthen the body and to spread the gospel where Christ is not known.


Rev. Josie Nweke

Dean of Academics

Gabriel Aiso

Registrar CFI & Missions Director

John Hodge

CFI Online Admin


CFI follows an historical and orthodox faith.

We continue in the doctrine of the first apostles. We believe in the inerrancy of Scripture and that there is no other source of theology. The Bible is self-interpreted and not interpreted by our cultures. We believe in the bodily resurrection and current reign of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We believe in the indwelling of Christ by the Holy Spirit in each born again believer. We believe in the continuation of all the spiritual and ministerial gifts to the body of Christ, according to the will of the Holy Spirit. We believe in the New Covenant. The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ transforms the believer’s spirit, soul and body. We believe that we are sanctified by the blood of Christ through regeneration of our inward nature and thereby called to live a holy life.

We believe that Jesus overcame Satan and every curse on the cross when our sin was put away once for all by the shedding of Christ’s blood. We believe that Israel is the household of faith, both in the Old Covenant and today as the church of Jesus Christ. We believe in the physical return of Jesus Christ when His kingdom the church shall be handed to the Father, at a time unknown and unspecified in Scripture. Before that time the church is the voice of God to the nations. We occupy till He comes. We believe in eternal judgement for sin and in eternal salvation for all who receive the divine gift of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.


We hold to a conservative view of education and theology. We learn and pass on the apostle’s doctrine in its original meaning, to be applied to our various conditions today. Due to the fall of man, truth is not determined by man, but by God alone in scripture. Anthropology does not interpret scripture, but scripture in its original meaning interprets anthropology. Due to the new birth and indwelling of the Holy Spirit, God’s truth becomes personal to us and transforming.

We grow as God’s word is taught and as we study it, using all our faculties to learn with freedom. Teaching is a ministry gift to the church. Teachers are to teach the word of God, not according to “private interpretation”. We learn formally and informally, through exposition of the word of God, through study and dissertations, through godly relationships and through experience, in all to adopt biblical values and pass them on to others.

We educate to equip people for differing calls and purposes in God, recognizing uniqueness in each case, to facilitate each one to reach their God given destiny for the common good. We seek to do all in the ambience of faith and love, which foster growth in God. Our goal is the glory of God through transformed world views and life styles, to impact our churches, families and societies with genuine godly fruit.