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MCP 5111 Eschatology of Service

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This module looks at New Testament passages which seem to indicate a destructive end of the world before Jesus returns. These passages are correctly understood in terms of the Hebrew intention and we come to see a different end times perspective, review the New Testament perspective in terms of the prophet Isaiah who speaks of a serving community bringing new life to the nations. This new life is looked at under the headings of community, reconciliation and kingdom showing how the teachings of Jesus direct the churches role in the world today.

Course Length: 8 weeks   Effort: 3-4 hours/week   Level: Intermediate


  • you will learn to properly evaluate false end times teachings
  • learn hermeneutic applications for understanding the New Testament
  • learn a Biblical eschatology of world renewal
  • learn the implications of the teachings of Jesus for pastoral ministries for church life and the world


This course provides you with a free ebook. You are advised to read extensively from the further reading material before attempting your assignments. You will be assessed by way of a research essay and a timed online exam at the end of the module.


MCP 5111 Eschatology of Service – Reading & Assesment

ESSENTIAL READING These are your essential readings for this course. We have made these readings available for download at no cost to you. We do however strongly recommend you gain access to some of the readings from the further reading list before attempting your assessment. ESCHATOLOGY - RENEWING SERVICE, by Kent Hodge. This document, written by [...]