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MCP 5122 Praxis of Peace

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In this module we review the implications of Jesus’ teachings on our social interactions in today’s world. We draw parallels between the teachings of Jesus and of Paul while discussing views in the history of the church which have attempted to correlate Jesus’ and Paul’s gospel messages. In the second part of the module we apply Jesus’ teachings to the practical peace building initiatives in our time. Peace building was an important focus in the history of the early church and this praxis needs to be revived in our current day.

Course Length: 8 weeks   Effort: 3-4 hours/week   Level: Intermediate


  • interpreting Jesus in his historical setting
  • relating Jesus to the letters of Paul
  • rediscovering peacemaking praxis for the church today
  • learn about churches contribution to community building


This course provides you with 2 free ebooks for essential reading. This is a Masters module. You will be expected to complete the essential readings and much of the further reading material from the list provided. Assessments for this module are split into a research assignment and a timed online exam at the end of the module.


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