About CFI

CFI – Christian Faith Institute is a Bible College in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. Since its formation in 2007 CFI has prioritised both character development and theological education, not turning away any who have a calling on their life for ministry – regardless of their financial or cultural background. We have trained more than 2000+ pastors and missionaries who are now active in ministry throughout Africa. We train servant leaders for a renewed Africa. 


photo – 2018

graduating degree students

Our Theology

CFI is theologically conservative and socially progressive. We believe the gospel creates in us a new humanity and unifies us into one family with Christ as the head. This family, empowered by the Spirit and following Christ’s example, brings peace and restoration to our land as the fulfillment of God’s Old Testament promises. 


Our Academic Direction

At CFI we prioritise theological education that is relevant to our modern African context. For this reason you may not see some traditional seminary courses – instead these are replaced with courses that have been specifically tailored for present challenges the church faces today.

Our Ministry

CFI is the heartbeat of CFM (Christian Faith Ministries), an international charity focused on crisis care, holistic education and peacebuilding in Northern Nigeria. What we teach we also practise across more than 20 departments. Most CFI staff are actively involved in CFM making our teaching both practical and regularly practised.