General Information

CFI’s degree in practical theology provides in-depth biblical analysis and applies it to issues the church faces today. This degree covers a range of topics and gives you the choice of which modules to take. Our lecturing staff are experienced both in theory and practise with many serving in leadership within the various arms of CFI’s parent charity – CFM. CFM has subsidised the cost of this degree making it extremely affordable. 

Course Information

What Qualifications do I Need?

To gain acceptance to the degree in Practical Theology you will need to satisfy one of the below criteria:

  • Diploma level qualifications in a relevant field (theology)
  • Degree level qualifications in any field
  • 4+ years in a ministry leadership position

If you are not sure if you meet the requirements please get in touch with us – each application is considered on it’s own merits.


English Language Requirements

All course material is in English – you will need to have an intermediate grasp of the English language to be able to understand our audio and written materials.


Technology Requirements

CFI Online can be done on phone/tablet/computer. You will need data to download all course materials – we try to keep file sizes small for your convenience. 

Flexible Study

All your study with CFI Online is flexible. There are no deadlines and you can study at your own pace. Take as many modules as you feel you can manage well – complete your assignments and sit your exams when you are ready. 


Assignments & Exams

  • Assignments – these normally take the form of an essay. You will be given your essay topics and expected to write your assignments complete with references. Submit when you are ready. 
  • Exams – you will organise your exam time with your study supervisor. These will be carried out at an approved location and will be supervised and timed.

 Earn Your Degree

To complete your degree in Practical Theology you must:

  • Pass 16 modules from the list below
  • Complete your written project 


Application Fee none
Registration Fee none
Module Fee* 5000 / per module
Examination Fee none

*must be paid before access to the module is given