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CFI’s Mission Network is a new way to connect with fellow missionaries working in Sub-Saharan regions of Africa. This is a community of like-minded people sharing experience and resources to see those who are far from God come near to him.

We connect, train and resource missionaries in the field. Our primary model is to work through the mission stations we have established or partner with. Use the tabs to browse through our structure and download our resources free of charge.

If you would like to be part of our mission stations, have questions about our resources or wish to partner with us navigate to the ‘Contact Us’ tab and let us know.

Mission Stations are NOT churches. Mission Stations are training and resourcing centres for local practitioners in the field. CFI has a number of mission stations throughout Northern Nigeria. To find out where they are and how you can get involved see the ‘Contact Us’ tab below and we will be in touch.

CFI works with the mission station leaders to determine an area they take spiritual responsibility for reaching. This is determined by many factors including distance, ease of transport and density of population. From there we make a priority of seeing the locality reached with the gospel as well as assessing the practical needs of the communities. There are two types of workers we equip in a mission station.


Our mission strategists are responsible for modelling mission activities L1-L3 and training others to do the same. Their main role is to mobilise and mentor sharers of the gospel and church planters in their area.


Our resource managers seek to keep the station stocked with mission training material as well as managing the presence of CFI Online in their region. They are also tasked with the responsibility of investigating simple needs in the community that can be addressed in time. They assess the assets of these communities and research what it might take for the ministry to send assistance.

Below is how we group our mission activities. Below are the resources we train our mission workers in. All believers should be familiar with Level 1 activities. Our workers are trained to model and train people in the following activities.

RESOURCES - For the Trainer

Mission Manual
For Trainers

Mission Training
For Participants
Christian Cultural Background
Level 1

RESOURCES - For the People

Gospel Stories
Stories of Hope
Doing Church Together

Community to Christ
Doing Church Together

Level 1

– Enter new mission field
– Share the gospel using reproducible methods
– Make disciples
– Disciple converts in groups

Level 2

– Gather believers into Church
– Practise healthy Church formation
– Recognise and equip local leaders from within Church

Level 3

– Practise healthy church multiplication
– Mentor leaders in network to establish churches
– Gather local leaders into community of practise
– Multiply leaders and Churches

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