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Biblical Themes

What You Will Learn...

How can we reconcile our views of the apparent ‘violent’ God of the OT, with Jesus, as the ‘Prince of Peace’, in the NT? Do we understand these OT scriptures in their ancient context? Is God violent? This matters because we all eventually bare the image of what we worship – will it be violence or will it be peace?

When violence erupts, we see time and again that Christians are heavily involved. We see it in our history and we see it today. We have heard it being preached from many Christian pulpits. We have seen it being carried out by great atrocities against non-Christians in our present time; things that are never reported on in the Christian prayer media. We have heard other Christians support, or even insist upon, with “prophetic authority,” violence through our modern armies. Why do we do this? How does this stronghold exist in global Christianity today, when Jesus is so clearly the Prince of Peace, who came in peace and is building a kingdom of peace to transform our world?

This course looks at some of the things we hear; the background theology that often supports a call for direct violent action, or a call to support the violence of our modern armies. We see violence in racism, in lack of care for the suffering of great numbers of refugees, in our indifference and personal wealth, while so many others languish. This is all violence.

What is God like? This is a very important question, because we are transformed into the image of the god that we worship. It’s important to have the right image of God. This governs our Christian growth. If we have an image of a “sometimes violent” god, then we will continue in that way of life ourselves. There is violence and clashes between cultures and sectors of society all over the world today. How do we handle this? How would God handle this? How we respond, will determine our future as nations and communities. It will determine how we reflect the Christian faith in the world, the type of Jesus we show to others.

Teaching Includes...

Each lesson includes part of, or all of the following:

  • Audio Lectures from Prof. Kent Hodge
  • Essential reading from Prof’s handout: Violence in Scripture
  • Further reading from other authors (chapters, articles, blog posts)

Assignment & Exam...

To complete this course and earn credit hours with Christian Faith Institute you must: 

  1. Complete an assignment paper – you will be given a number of essay topics. You must choose ONE topic and write a 1,500 word essay including references to your curriculum and other authors. There are no deadlines; submit when you are ready. 
  2. Complete an exam – this exam will be carried out at either: CFI in Jos, or through one of our partner churches throughout Africa. You will be asked to write short responses to all the topics given for your assignment. Exams are always supervised and timed.