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Biblical Themes

What You Will Learn...

This course brings teaching on being and choosing good leaders in our current political climate. A study to prepare our lives for participation in a flourishing democracy building one nation through neighbourliness. 

When leadership fails, society disintegrates. When leadership succeeds, relationships are healed and community thrives. The pace at which our present global community is disintegrating is an indictment on all of us and not just the few who hold leadership positions. Only a prompt return to the biblical model revealed in the Torah and in Jesus’ life and teachings guarantees us deliverance from the path of self-destruction we presently thread.

The time is upon us now to muster the boldness to critique our modern leadership/ followership dynamics and find the objectivity to embrace a more viable alternative in our quest for nation building – the biblical leadership model.

Teaching Includes...

Each lesson includes part of, or all of the following:

  • Audio Lectures from Pst. Ralph Ebute
  • Essential reading from Pst. Ralph’s handout: Political Landscape
  • Further reading from other authors (chapters, articles, blog posts)

Assignment & Exam...

To complete this course and earn credit hours with Christian Faith Institute you must: 

  1. Complete an assignment paper – you will be given a number of essay topics. You must choose ONE topic and write a 1,500 word essay including references to your curriculum and other authors. There are no deadlines; submit when you are ready. 
  2. Complete an exam – this exam will be carried out at either: CFI in Jos, or through one of our partner churches throughout Africa. You will be asked to write short responses to all the topics given for your assignment. Exams are always supervised and timed.