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Biblical Themes

What You Will Learn...

What did Paul mean by ‘principalities and powers’ in his writings to the early church? What is the Biblical teaching on ‘the satan’, ‘demons’ and the origin of evil? How has God defeated the powers and how do we claim victory over them in the world?

In the Garden of Eden, the powers fell from service of the creation, to service of self. The gospel is God bringing these powers back to the right side up. This book looks at the fall of these powers and how Paul sets out in the gospel to describe the mission of the church in the world.

Paul has often been viewed as the champion of separation, where we construct fortresses against the world, from which we launch attacks against those things we see as false. I think in Paul’s own day he would have seen quite differently. He was the champion of inclusion, unifying the church, bringing in gentiles, the socially and economically marginalised and female believers in a way that was unthinkable then. Paul was revolutionary in his inclusion, in seeking to change what was wrong with the world through serving. The church that Paul envisioned was one that transformed the world through service and restoration of communities, rather than through separation. We are to separate ourselves from wrongdoing, but part of that wrongdoing is our failure to love and serve the lost with our own cross. The faith of the church is one of permeation, or uniting and serving the wider
community, rather than separation, exclusion and protest. It is to mimic Jesus, who came to the lost and served. The purpose of this course 1) looking at Paul’s view in the way the church would transform the nations, looking first at the transformation of the “principalities and powers.”  2) how God would fulfil his promise to restore creation in Israel. 

Teaching Includes...

Each lesson includes part of, or all of the following:

  • Audio Lectures from Prof. Kent Hodge
  • Essential reading from Prof’s handout: Paul & the Powers
  • Further reading from other authors (chapters, articles, blog posts)

Assignment & Exam...

To complete this course and earn credit hours with Christian Faith Institute you must: 

  1. Complete an assignment paper – you will be given a number of essay topics. You must choose ONE topic and write a 1,500 word essay including references to your curriculum and other authors. There are no deadlines; submit when you are ready. 
  2. Complete an exam – this exam will be carried out at either: CFI in Jos, or through one of our partner churches throughout Africa. You will be asked to write short responses to all the topics given for your assignment. Exams are always supervised and timed.