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THE211 Violence in Scripture (Part 2)

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In the second part of this module Kent Hodge moves on to discuss modern society and the implications of believing in a God of violence. There is an alternative, scripture read correctly does not reflect a God who delights in violence but one of restorative justice.

Course Length: 8 weeks   Effort: 3-4 hours/week   Level: Intermediate


  • How many of the ideas we have about God are falsely borrowed from Greek ideas of their violent Gods
  • How God revealed himself as a God of restoration throughout scripture
  • What about eternal judgement? Is this consistent with a restorative God?
  • What the early church thought of violence, destruction?
  • What Jesus revealed as the heart of God
  • How do we reconcile violence in the Old Testament with Jesus’ teachings of ‘turn the other cheek’
  • What a God of restoration, as opposed to a god of violence, looks like in our communities, cities, world


This course provides you with a free ebook – Violence in Scripture (Part 2). This will be your main reading for the module. We recommend you read this book in the first 6 weeks and take the remaining 2 weeks to complete the module assessments. Further reading will be provided in the reading list.


THE211 Violence in Scripture (Part 2) – Reading and Assessment

ESSENTIAL READING The e-book below and extracts from other books are your essential reading for this module. These resources have been made freely available for you to download. You may also wish to read from the 'further reading' list but this is not essential for you completion of the course. Violence in Scripture (Part II) - [...]