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MIN112 Peacebuilding

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Our Peacemaking module provides you with a practical guide to building peace in your community. This is what we are called to as followers of ‘The Prince of Peace’: to live out the gospel and see our community renewed through radical love. These teachings will challenge how you view other ethnic/cultural groups in society and will move you towards seeing lasting change in your community. Read stories throughout this module and see how God is transforming our communities here in Jos despite all the odds.

Course Length: 8 weeks   Effort: 3-4 hours/week   Level: Intermediate


  • Learn how God is transforming our communities here in Jos: what we have done and what we continue to learn as we seek peace
  • Understand our own views towards our ‘enemies’ and learn how to overcome these views
  • A practical step by step guide to how to build bridges and restore broken key relationships in your community
  • Understand how simple aid and social programmes can be established to build bridges and show love to other in your community
  • Be challenged to act on what you have learnt with our practical assessments


This course is structured like most of Kent Hodge’s courses. You will be given a set reading text and be expected to read it carefully in its entirety. You will then be expected to complete the application outlined in Lesson 1.


MIN112 Peacebuilding – Reading & Assessment

ESSENTIAL READINGS These are your essential readings for this module. We have made these materials free to download below. You may wish to supplement your readings with material from the further reading list but this is not considered essential. Peacebuilding by Kent Hodge. (Download PDF) A Faith Not Worth Fighting For - Didn't Jesus Say He [...]