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MCP 5110 Creational God

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In this module we look at the Hebrew influences on the authors of the New Testament. What were the main factors in Hebrew identity that these authors claimed were fulfilled in the gospel? How does this Hebrew background renew the way we view John, Paul and Peter as they write to the Church in the 1st century. In particular we look at the influence of Genesis 1 and 2 and the exodus of Israel from Egypt and their return from Babylon as the main themes through which we understand the gospel message.

Course Length: 8 weeks   Effort: 3-4 hours/week   Level: Intermediate


  • what Genesis 1 and 2 meant to Israel in the day of the Exodus
  • the part that Genesis 1 and 2 played in the teachings of Jesus and John and Paul
  • the meaning of new creation and its application to Gospel living in today’s world
  • the place of today’s Church in Biblical Eschatology


This Masters course is split into two parts. You should aim to complete the first part by half way through the Semester. After completing the second part you will be sent your essay questions for your assignment. Upon completing your assignment you must complete your module exam. Your supervisor will contact you with these details.


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