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MCP 5112 Violence & The Image of God

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This module looks at how the Old Testament and New Testament scriptures relate to each other. Many times it has been said that these testaments reveal a different God. We use the life of Christ as our hermeneutics for understanding who God is and then reviewing and understanding the text of the Old Testament. We see how the Old Testament should be read through Christ and come to understand God’s heart in relation to issues such as violence in the Old Testament, sacrifice, law, the atonement, eternal punishment and several difficult passages such as Joshua’s invasion of the promise land. We come to see that both Old and New Testaments reveal the same God when we review them though a Christ centred hermeneutics.


  • you will learn about the true nature of God through Jesus Christ and the Gospels
  • learn that our Christian vocation is to follow this Jesus and how he lived and taught
  • learn how the properly understand ‘violent’ text in the Old Testament
  • learn how God seeks to renew our hearts, our world by implementing atonement within our societies and communities


This course provides you with a free ebook. This module will be assessed by way of a research essay and a timed online exam. We highly recommend you read material from the further reading list before attempting your assignments.


MCP 5112 – Part 01 – Violence in the Old Testament

Violence in Scripture’ tackles some entrenched and historically harmful views many of us have about God. God is not a god of violence – he is a god of peace and restoration. The scriptures show this throughout both the Old and New Testament. How do we reconcile ideas of eternal judgement, sacrifice of innocents and [...]

MCP 5112 – Part 02 – Prince of Peace

In the second part of this module Kent Hodge moves on to discuss modern society and the implications of believing in a God of violence. There is an alternative, scripture read correctly does not reflect a God who delights in violence but one of restorative justice. Below you will find your lectures and readings for [...]