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MIS111 – Church Planting Movements

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Lessons: 12 weeks   Effort: 3-4 hours/week   Level: Intermediate



Church Planting Movements offers an introduction to what God is doing in many parts of the world where the gospel is spreading rapidly, simple churches are being planted and leaders are being multiplied in both rural and urban areas. Participants will learn to define what a CPM is and distinguish it from other commonly used ministry methods. We will focus on Jesus and the early church in our study and see what principles we can take and apply to modern mission. Participants will also learn simple skills and methods that they can apply in their mission/pastoral work.


This course is split into weekly readings.  You will have 12 weeks to complete your readings after which you will be given your assignment. Your assignment will count for 70% of your module grade. At the end of the semester you will sit your exam for this module which will count as 30% of your module grade.


MIS111 – Week 1 – Introduction

Church Planting Movements refers to a comprehensive method of ministry that covers everything from evangelism to creating a network of leaders for multigenerational church growth. It is important to recognise that we all employ ministry methods whether we acknowledge it or not. Much of the time we do not give our methodology much thought and [...]

MIS111 – Week 2 – Movement Case Study

In this lesson we will take a look at a few different case studies from around the world where CPM models are being applied. Students will begin to observe the difference between this model and more traditional methods. Students should begin to identify the characteristics of a CPM and what is required from a leadership [...]

MIS111 – Week 3 – 4 Fields of Mission Work

This lesson serves as a basic introduction to practical mission work. Using Jesus’ parable in Mark 4 we establish a framework for oral mission work from entering a new field to church planting and reproducing leaders for the harvest. Students should begin to get an understanding for what mission work encompasses; it is not just [...]

MIS111 – Week 4 – The Empty Field

Participants will gain a key understanding for biblical principles in entering a new mission field. Know what area you are engaging in, know your audience and have a tried and tested strategy for entering the new field. Gain an acceptance for the role of the missionary and the role of the Holy Spirit when it [...]

MIS111 – Week 5 – The Seeded Field

This lesson is about understanding communication of the gospel. What is the gospel and how is it communicated to those who are far from Christ. This lesson and next week’s lesson are split into two groups: those from a Christian/Pagan background and those coming from an Islamic background. Both groups will look at common, tried [...]

MIS111 – Week 6 – Growing Field

This week, again, is split into two groups based on student backgrounds. Here both groups focus on reproducible discipling techniques that focus on obedience NOT knowledge. 99% of the time discipleship is the work of the missionary in their field, not the job of a discipleship centre located far away. This lesson answers the questions: [...]

MIS111 – Week 7 – Gathering Field

In this field the groups come together to discuss reproducible methods of church planting. Church models are examined for their suitability within a CPM model. Learn that there are many ways to operate church and students should learn how to Biblically examine church to see if it can be called church. Students will be encouraged [...]

MIS111 – Week 8 – Multiplying Leaders

Leadership within a CPM will look significantly different than what students are used to. Again students will be encouraged to drop traditional and harmful approaches to church leadership and church overseeing. Students will gain an understanding of Jesus’, the Apostles, and the early church's approach to leadership and leadership development. Emphasis will be put on [...]

MIS111 – Week 9 – Common Factors & Barriers to Movement

Now that students have a general understanding of process and reproducible methods we will focus on the factors that are common to successful CPMs. Students should acknowledge that CPMs are the work of the Holy Spirit in partnership with faithful, hardworking and humble workers and that there are lessons we can learn from others success. [...]

MIS111 – Week 10 – Movement Leadership & Holy Spirit

This week we focus on the Holy Spirit. An effective missionary knows what is his/her role in missions and what is the work of the Spirit. We also focus on what it will take from an effective worker, the lifestyle he/she will be expected to adopt. We look at some Biblical cases and biographies from [...]

MIS111 – Week 11 – Developing Tools for Oral Learners

Much of our missions work in West Africa will focus on oral methods of communication. Much of our populations are illiterate and/or rely more heavily on oral methods of receiving and passing on information. Students will learn how to adapt their methods for reliance on oral communication. By the end of this lesson students will [...]

MIS111 – Week 12 – Case Studies

In the final lesson of our study on CPM’s we will revisit some CPM case studies. This will help solidify the principles students have learnt during the course and see their application in the field. An effective student will see how to bridge the gap between theory and practical. An understanding of case studies will [...]

MIS111 – Assignment & Exam

Now that you have completed your readings for Church Planting Movements you will be expected to complete your assignment and exam for this module. ASSIGNMENT: 70% of module grade. Essays or long answer questions. Given few weeks to complete. Open book (including references). EXAM: 30% of module grade. End of semester exam. Multiple choice questions. [...]