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MIN111 – Jesus’ Teachings

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Lessons: 10 weeks   Effort: 3 hours/week   Level: Undergraduate



There is a range of ideas used to support our ignoring, or relativising the things that Jesus taught, making them less important than other things we would like to emphasise instead. Someone said that theology is the art of getting around discipleship, meaning making up ideas that allow us to change or ignore what Jesus taught. This is clearly a wrong practice. Jesus is our Lord. What Jesus taught should be the corner stone of how we interpret everything else. It is through Jesus that we interpret the Old Testament and through him that we interpret Paul. So how do we bring Jesus’ teachings back into the middle of our understanding of the will and gospel of Christ?


This course is split into weekly readings. There are 10 weeks of lessons after which you will be expected to complete your course assignment and prepare for the end of semester exam. The assignment is worth 70% of you final grade and exam worth 30%.


MIN111 – Week 1 – Background I

Welcome to Jesus' Teachings. This lesson forms the introduction to the course. In this introduction we will be exploring some of the historical factors influencing the political/religious climate during the time of Jesus. Understanding context is key to understanding the meaning behind what Jesus said and did. Students will learn some of the relevant mindsets [...]

MIN111 – Week 2 – Background II

For the most part Jewish people at the time of Jesus were not expecting to go to heaven when they died. They were expecting the resurrection of their bodies. They were expecting the promise of God concerning their land to be fulfilled. This expectation was known as the coming of the kingdom of God. LectureEssential [...]

MIN111 – Week 3 – Jesus’ Manifesto

“Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” This is the prayer the Lord gave us to pray. So then, this is central to God’s purposes for us as his followers. This is what the church is born for, and what its commission is. The purpose of Christ coming [...]

MIN111 – Week 4 – Jesus & Enemies

The subject of our enemies is a big one and it was prominent in Jesus’ teaching. The enemies of Israel were a large concern in the Old Testament. God promised to give them final and absolute deliverance from their enemies. Israel often thought their real problem was their natural enemies, meaning other nations who came [...]

MIN111 – Week 5 – Jesus & Unity I

At the centre of Jesus’ teaching was our treatment of people different to ourselves. This goes to the heart of our social nature, because we always like socializing with people most like ourselves, and this habit is what helps break our communities apart. This problem was at the heart of the issues in Jesus’ own time. It [...]

MIN111 – Week 6 – Jesus & Unity II

There has been debate about whether the gospel is individual and spiritual, or social. When we talk about our social responsibility it is often said that that isn’t the gospel, that we are just to call people to repentance and then they are to take responsibility for their own lives. This is a convenient gospel [...]

MIN111 – Week 7 – Greatest Commandment

This section takes us once again to the very centre of Jesus’ ministry and teachings, and once again to the critical problem the Jews were facing in that day. Their lack of relations with those who were different, their lack of care for the hurting, their separation from others, was tearing the society apart. It [...]

MIN111 – Week 8 – Jesus & Wealth

What did Jesus teach about money and what does this have to do with community and worship? Jesus taught a lot about money, and each time he made the same point: don’t store it up, but share it with others. This would save their community from destruction, but the people in that day wouldn’t hear. [...]

MIN111 – Week 9 – Non-Violence

What did Jesus mean by “do not resist an evil person”? Jesus meant do not resist with violence. We are to resist evil in a different way. We aren’t to overcome violence with violence, because this still crowns violence as the winner in our world. Our world remains untransformed. Instead, we are to renew the world by [...]

MIN111 – Week 10 – Jesus & Paul

So how do we reconcile Jesus’ teachings with Paul’s? It has often been said that Paul taught the real gospel, while Jesus was mainly to do with preevangelism. This means Jesus spoke on the law, showing how all had fallen short, but that Jesus didn’t really carry the gospel message. This was left for Paul, who ministered after the [...]

MIN111 – Assignment & Exam

Now that you have completed your readings for Jesus' Teachings you will be expected to complete your assignment and exam for this module. ASSIGNMENT: 70% of module grade. Essays or long answer questions. Given few weeks to complete. Open book (including references). EXAM: 30% of module grade. End of semester exam. Multiple choice questions. Closed [...]