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THE112 – Eschatology – Renewing Service

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Lessons: 8 weeks   Effort: 3-4 hours/week   Level: Intermediate



End-times isn’t the destruction of the world. End-times is a world serving church. This module looks at end-times from two perspectives. 1) Firstly this module tries to undo the popular view that God is anti-world, that he is going to destroy the world and take his people to heaven. 2) The second perspective explores the scriptures to see that God’s kingdom is in the world to renew it entirely. God is not going to destroy the world, but he has sent Christ and the church into the world to bring down his enemies.


This course is split into weekly readings. There are 8 weeks of lessons after which you will be expected to complete your course assignment and prepare for the end of semester exam. The assignment is worth 70% of you final grade and exam worth 30%.


THE112 – Week 1 – Last Days Destruction

A common way of seeing the scripture is to believe that the last days before the second coming of Jesus will be days of destruction. Often, texts from the Old Testament about the coming judgment on Jerusalem, which were fulfilled in the first century AD, are misinterpreted to be about the days we live in now. These [...]

THE112 – Week 2 – Tribulation

Here we look at the Book of Revelation. This book is a big topic, but what we are discussing is the notion that the world is soon coming to an end, and we will try to keep our comments related to this topic. We refer to the book’s statement, “Behold, I come quickly.” We could note [...]

THE112 – Week 3 – Reading the Right Signs

In recent times there has been a big end-times emphasis focusing on the nation of Israel, which often appears contrary to the kingdom that Jesus spoke about and lived out. The modern focus is about politics and race. The kingdom that Jesus spoke about is one where we love our neighbour, no matter who they [...]

THE112 – Week 4 – Old Testament Prophets

We know about the dream that Daniel interpreted. In the days of the pagan empires, God would set up a new kingdom. Nebuchadnezzar saw a stone “cut out without hands” strike the statue, grind it to powder and fill the earth. A stone represents the corner stone of God’s temple. It being “cut out without hands”, [...]

THE112 – Week 5 – Destruction

There is no doubt that in the first instance the Book of Revelation refers to the suffering church of the first century. As Jesus said, “When you see the armies surround Jerusalem, look up for your redemption draws near.” One of the main sources of persecution against the church, i.e. Jerusalem, would be cut off, but first the [...]

THE112 – Week 6 – Renewal

In Matthew 25 Jesus shares a scene from his kingdom rule. He says that when the Son of Man comes in his glory he will be seated on his throne and will call the nations before him and separate them as sheep and goats are separated. Those nations that have served the weak shall enter [...]

THE112 – Week 7 – Hebrew Mindset

Reading Romans from Paul’s first century perspective opens up to us a whole new understanding. Paul is tracing the fulfilment of God’s promises to the Jewish people, through the gospel of Jesus Christ. It starts with the fall of Adam and Eve. They were to rule over God’s creation. Paul refers to this rule as [...]

THE112 – Week 8 – Eschatology of Service

Eschatology, meaning the last things, or what is called by some end-times, is central to the writings of Paul in the letter of Romans, but not in the way we may expect. That is, the letter is about the kingdom of God which Jesus spoke of in the Gospels. Often, it has been said that the [...]

THE112 – Assignment & Exam

Now that you have completed your readings for Eschatology you will be expected to complete your assignment and exam for this module. ASSIGNMENT: 70% of module grade. Essays or long answer questions. Given few weeks to complete. Open book (including references). EXAM: 30% of module grade. End of semester exam. Multiple choice questions. Closed book. [...]