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Category Undergraduate

  • MIS211 - Asset Based Community Development

    by CFI Online 11 Lessons in , 4,000.00

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    Asset Based Community Driven Development provides community development lessons for a rural and urban African setting. Participants will learn: a brief history of development efforts in Africa, a Biblical basis for engaging in poverty alleviation and community development, and useful paradigms for engaging poverty in an urban and rural setting. Beyond the theory students will be equipped with practical skills for assessing community assets so that assets and gifts from within the community can be mobilised towards development. Students will also be equipped with simple and effective project planning and evaluation skills.

  • MIS111 - Church Planting Movements

    by CFI Online 13 Lessons in , , 4,000.00

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    Church Planting Movements offers an introduction to what God is doing in many parts of the world where the gospel is spreading rapidly, simple churches are being planted and leaders are being multiplied in both rural and urban areas. Participants will learn to define what a CPM is and distinguish it from other commonly used ministry methods. We will focus on Jesus and the early church in our study and see what principles we can take and apply to modern mission. Participants will also learn simple skills and methods that they can apply in their mission/pastoral work.

  • THE211 Violence in Scripture (Part 2)

    by Kent Hodge 1 Lessons in , 4,000.00

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    ABOUT In the second part of this module Kent Hodge moves on to discuss modern society and the implications of believing in a God of violence. There is an alternative, scripture read correctly does not reflect a God who delights in violence but one of restorative justice. Course Length: 8 weeks   Effort: 3-4 hours/week [...]

  • BIB111 Romans (Part 1 - Chapters 1-7)

    by Kent Hodge 10 Lessons in , 4,000.00

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    ABOUT  Romans isn’t primarily a letter about our personal justification. Rather, Romans is a letter about God moving mankind from a life of accusation to a life of love and care for others. Accusation has filled our heart since the fall, in which we accuse ourselves and also our neighbour, bringing division, with personal and [...]

  • MIN112 Peacebuilding

    by Kent Hodge 1 Lessons in , 4,000.00

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    ABOUT  Our Peacemaking module provides you with a practical guide to building peace in your community. This is what we are called to as followers of 'The Prince of Peace': to live out the gospel and see our community renewed through radical love. These teachings will challenge how you view other ethnic/cultural groups in society [...]

  • THE113 Violence in Scripture (Part 1)

    by Kent Hodge 12 Lessons in , 4,000.00

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    ABOUT Violence in Scripture' tackles some entrenched and historically harmful views many of us have about God. God is not a god of violence - he is a god of peace and restoration. The scriptures show this throughout both the Old and New Testament. How do we reconcile ideas of eternal judgement, sacrifice of innocents [...]

  • THE111 - Creation and New Creation

    by Kent Hodge 9 Lessons in , , 4,000.00

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    Over the years we have often seen God’s salvation on a limited basis, that is, on an individualistic level. The gospel we have preached is about our personal salvation, our personal blessing, and our personnel eternal life in heaven. But now we have come to understand that this isn’t the gospel that God promised to the Hebrew people, and which Jesus came to fulfill God’s plan of salvation involves the whole of his created order. When God made mankind, he put man over his creation. When man turned away from God, this whole creation was affected. God has come to restore mankind through the gospel, so the creation man is over may also be restored.

  • THE112 - Eschatology - Renewing Service

    by Kent Hodge 9 Lessons in , 4,000.00

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    End-times isn’t the destruction of the world. End-times is a world serving church. This module looks at end-times from two perspectives. Firstly, it undoes the popular view that God is anti-world, that he is going to destroy the world and take his people to heaven. The second perspective explores the scriptures to see that God’s kingdom is in the world to renew it entirely. God is not going to destroy the world, but he has sent Christ and the church into the world to bring down his enemies.

  • MIN111 - Jesus' Teachings

    by Kent Hodge 11 Lessons in , 4,000.00

    15 learners taking this course

    There is a range of ideas used to support our ignoring, or relativising the things that Jesus taught, making them less important than other things we would like to emphasise instead. Someone said that theology is the art of getting around discipleship, meaning making up ideas that allow us to change or ignore what Jesus taught. This is clearly a wrong practice. Jesus is our Lord. What Jesus taught should be the corner stone of how we interpret everything else. It is through Jesus that we interpret the Old Testament and through him that we interpret Paul. So how do we bring Jesus’ teachings back into the middle of our understanding of the will and gospel of Christ?