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Category Undergrad Level 2

  • MIS211 - Asset Based Community Development

    by CFI Online 11 Lessons in , 4,000.00

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    Asset Based Community Driven Development provides community development lessons for a rural and urban African setting. Participants will learn: a brief history of development efforts in Africa, a Biblical basis for engaging in poverty alleviation and community development, and useful paradigms for engaging poverty in an urban and rural setting. Beyond the theory students will be equipped with practical skills for assessing community assets so that assets and gifts from within the community can be mobilised towards development. Students will also be equipped with simple and effective project planning and evaluation skills.

  • THE211 Violence in Scripture (Part 2)

    by Kent Hodge 1 Lessons in , 4,000.00

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    ABOUT In the second part of this module Kent Hodge moves on to discuss modern society and the implications of believing in a God of violence. There is an alternative, scripture read correctly does not reflect a God who delights in violence but one of restorative justice. Course Length: 8 weeks   Effort: 3-4 hours/week [...]