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Category New Testament

  • MIS111 - Church Planting Movements

    by CFI Online 13 Lessons in , , 4,000.00

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    Church Planting Movements offers an introduction to what God is doing in many parts of the world where the gospel is spreading rapidly, simple churches are being planted and leaders are being multiplied in both rural and urban areas. Participants will learn to define what a CPM is and distinguish it from other commonly used ministry methods. We will focus on Jesus and the early church in our study and see what principles we can take and apply to modern mission. Participants will also learn simple skills and methods that they can apply in their mission/pastoral work.

  • MCP 5112 Violence & The Image of God

    by Kent Hodge 2 Lessons in , 6,000.00

    1 learner taking this course

    ABOUT This module looks at how the Old Testament and New Testament scriptures relate to each other. Many times it has been said that these testaments reveal a different God. We use the life of Christ as our hermeneutics for understanding who God is and then reviewing and understanding the text of the Old Testament. [...]

  • MCP 5120 Deconstructing Empire

    by Kent Hodge 2 Lessons in , 6,000.00

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    ABOUT This module takes the book of revelation in the New Testament to review hermeneutical principles. We reflect on various hermeneutical positions throughout Church history and how these influence our reading of the revelation. We consider hermeneutical views of the 1st century coming from a Hebrew background and how these direct us to a proper understanding of the [...]

  • MCP 5110 Creational God

    by Kent Hodge 2 Lessons in , 6,000.00

    2 learners taking this course

    ABOUT In this module we look at the Hebrew influences on the authors of the New Testament. What were the main factors in Hebrew identity that these authors claimed were fulfilled in the gospel? How does this Hebrew background renew the way we view John, Paul and Peter as they write to the Church in [...]

  • MCP 5111 Eschatology of Service

    by Kent Hodge 1 Lessons in , 6,000.00

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    ABOUT This module looks at New Testament passages which seem to indicate a destructive end of the world before Jesus returns. These passages are correctly understood in terms of the Hebrew intention and we come to see a different end times perspective, review the New Testament perspective in terms of the prophet Isaiah who speaks [...]

  • MCP 5121 Community in Romans

    by Kent Hodge 2 Lessons in , 6,000.00

    1 learner taking this course

    ABOUT This module takes an in depth look at the book of Romans. It views Romans from the perspective of Paul in the 1st century and seeks to understand this message through the questions people were asking in Paul's time. This is compared to views that came from the reformation and implications are drawn concerning [...]

  • MCP 5122 Praxis of Peace

    by Kent Hodge 2 Lessons in , 6,000.00

    1 learner taking this course

    ABOUT THIS COURSE In this module we review the implications of Jesus’ teachings on our social interactions in today’s world. We draw parallels between the teachings of Jesus and of Paul while discussing views in the history of the church which have attempted to correlate Jesus’ and Paul’s gospel messages. In the second part of the [...]

  • THE111 - Creation and New Creation

    by Kent Hodge 9 Lessons in , , 4,000.00

    11 learners taking this course

    Over the years we have often seen God’s salvation on a limited basis, that is, on an individualistic level. The gospel we have preached is about our personal salvation, our personal blessing, and our personnel eternal life in heaven. But now we have come to understand that this isn’t the gospel that God promised to the Hebrew people, and which Jesus came to fulfill God’s plan of salvation involves the whole of his created order. When God made mankind, he put man over his creation. When man turned away from God, this whole creation was affected. God has come to restore mankind through the gospel, so the creation man is over may also be restored.