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CFI Online allows learners to create their own custom learning pathway. This pathway allows students to sign up to individual modules. Students will not receive any credit upon completion but assignments will be marked and returned as normal.

This pathway is recommended for students who are learning for practical reasons rather than working towards the completion of a recognised course.

There are no formal requirements for this pathway. Complete the information in the application below and we will be in touch shortly to provide you with your login details.

Payments are made per individual module. Modules are priced at 4000 Naira each.

You have the freedom to select whatever module you wish from our extensive list. Please note however that you will not receive credit upon completion.

Learners in this pathway may wish to transfer to a programme of study. In this case you will be required to apply for the desired course. Grades from your previous assignments will be transferred to credits towards your new programme of study. For this to work, however, you must have completed the relevant modules for the credits to count.

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